Welcome to the page.  You probably know me already if you’re here, but if you don’t, think of me as a strange find: a sort of acutely metaphysical yet critically scientific minded bumpkin.  Thus, free of the need to prove myself, I have largely eliminated this site as my central business hub.  Accordingly, there isn’t much so much to see now.  I have ran a number of enterprises over the years and am competent in providing as many services, but there are certain jobs I’m less likely to take on this year.  This is more a portal for access and communication more than anything else right now. But since you made it here, why not check out my stop motion page?  There might be some cool stuff to see on that one for you.  Contact page works as well if for some reason you lost my info.   Peaceful surfing.


Onsite the BPLC at Twilight