The passion of the moose-trail. 3-14-17

Some context: I’ve had a blast melding with and losing my identity to the environment.  What I have lost in societies eyes I have gained twofold in the vision of the woods, and ways I exist must be changing even without me knowing it!  A squirrel just yesterday emerged from under the crawlspace of my

Snowed In: in loving memory of the winter storm of 2/3-11/17

The indigenous Kutenai and Kalispell people had around 20 words in their language for what we have as the word “snow.”  I now dearly and clearly understand why. I also get why there are so many alcoholics around here.  I did not want to write about this originally, but sometimes I can’t help but feel

Soilbuilding – the integral

Driving in a car converts energy contained in fuel into a change in position.  You get in the car because you want to arrive somewhere else, right?  You burn gas and accelerate the car forward and change its velocity in order to obtain that change in position. But gas costs money!  If you don’t have


Sing to me muses- just like that. Or let me sing to you. As anyone who has tasted joys in life will observe, nature is bursting forth- veritably exploding with beauty.  What is the form to its essence?  But as anyone who has danced with decay would vouch for, lasting satisfaction is unobtainable in this finite