Published Works

This is the official page of the first two volumes of the Syntheses & Analytics, the first 2 books published by Jason PE Smith

This two volume set is a compilation work of a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to the natural sciences, i.e. physics, chemistry and biology, mathematics, ethics, metaphysics, and much more.  Presented in diverse myriad of writing formats and spanning these topics, this unconventional work breaks ground and paves way.   In it is the chronicles outlying a process of discovery, of a manifest cosmic mind coming to know itself.

Contact us if you are interested in acquiring a copy of 

Syntheses & Analytics, Volume I
(267 p) (ISBN 978-1-7363477-0-6)
Syntheses & Analytics, Volume II
(355 p) (ISBN 978-1-7363477-1-3)

Printings from the first batch are in short supply and are hardcovered with dust jackets.