Welcome to the page.  You probably know me already if you’re here –  but if you don’t – welcome, nice to meet you, and good tidings.  I’m an old-school, old-world, old-soul eccentric type personality, coming from a bloodline of craftsmen.  I’ve got competence, ambition, and dreams.  My life is a dream, which I’ve lived on my own terms. I am notoriously difficult to get a hold of, always seem to be swamped working on and researching extremely interesting things, and my heart is full of love for all creation.  I do not pretend, so do not presume; everything I am, everything I have I owe directly to the Creator in the palm of whose hands we are all cradled like infants.  I spend the winters in the Institute labs, the summers deep in the mountains, and travel quite a bit.  But since you made it here, why not check out my stop motion page?  Maybe there will be something interesting here for you, maybe not.  Peaceful surfing either way.


J Smith, enjoying a juicy peach in the late summertime, gazing with joy upon his kingdom.